A Part Of Time

Apartoftime is a photographic experiment by Katrin Schips and Christoph Bolten, which started in October 2005 and will be running for 3 years. Both are taking pictures every 3 hours, every day.

Each day is represented by a pair of dots - Katrin's red, Christoph's blue.

The grid indicates the timezone. For example, if Christoph is in London on a certain day, the blue dot is on the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) line and if Katrin is in Moscow the red dot is on the 3h line.

By selecting a pair of dots all pictures of that day are shown in the grid as thumbnails. Now the grid indicates the time of day when each picture was taken.

If you have any comments/ideas or would like to know more, you can email us on info "at" apartoftime.net

Also, in case you have found yourself in one of the pictures and are somewhat unhappy about this, please let us know and we will remove it...

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